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Tapioca Chips Machine

Tapioca chips machines are the machines, which are made to provide advanced quality operation and ensure high level of chips productivity. The machines consist of several optimum quality components which can deal with several steps of processing.

Maravalli Kizhangu Chips Making Machine

Buy from us maravalli kizhangu chips making machine to produce deep-fried, thin, and crispy maravalli kizhangu chips. The machine comprises a washing & peeling unit, a slicing unit, a blanching unit, a drying unit, a deep-frying unit, and a seasoning unit.

Banana Chips Making Machine

Banana chips are delicious and healthy snacking items that can be produced in large quantities using our banana chips making machine. This machine comprises slicing unit, blanching unit, drying unit, and frying unit. The chips are then seasoned and excessive oil is drained, ready to be packed.

Seedai Making Machine

Seedai is another popular South Indian snack that can be produced in large quantity using a seedai making machine. Different kinds of flour along with other ingredients are fed into this machine to make the savory snack. This machine works to produce quality snacks at a consistent rate.

Andhra Murukku Machine

An Andhra murukku machine is a specialized machine needed to produce murukku, a South Indian snack with a distinct flavor. This machine comprises a dough mixing unit, shaping & forming unit, and deep-frying unit.

Kappa Kuchi Chips Cutting Machine

Maravalli Kilangu chips, also called tapioca chips, are produced using a set of machines. One of the machines used is maravalli kilangu chips cutting machine. The role of this machine is to thinly sliced Tapioca roots.

Cassava Chips Making Machine

Browse through the range of cassava chips making machines available in different capacities to suit small-scale to large-scale production requirements. With our machines, companies can improve efficiency, improve the quality of chips and even reduce labor costs.

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